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BA(Hons), DHyp (Dist), MBSCH


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I am a qualified hypnotherapist based in South Oxfordshire with over 20 years’ experience covering a wide range of issues. I trained with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, gaining my Diploma with Distinction, and am a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

I work in close partnership with each client and offer personally designed therapy, presented in a style that is both strategic and dynamic. My aim is to help clients reach their desired goal in as short a time-frame as possible and to establish resources helpful in maintaining lasting benefits.

Following a free, 15 minute telephone introduction, consultations are offered in person or online via Zoom, depending on preference and circumstance.

Individual enquiries are warmly welcomed, as are referrals from medical practitioners.

Areas of Specialism

Self-Confidence and Assertiveness

Lack of self-esteem or assertiveness can so easily prevent us from achieving our goals or from simply living life as we would wish and yet confident and assertive behaviour is within all of us. This area is one where hypnotherapy can bring about dramatic changes. The aim is to identify the stumbling blocks or self-sabotaging behaviours and become acquainted with positive models. This begins with an overhaul of 'self-talk' and proceeds with the development of 'healthy thinking' and mental rehearsal.

Peak Performance and Goal Achievement

Creating the optimal mindset is fundamental in performing to the best of one’s ability on those occasions that matter, e.g. taking exams, giving presentations, performing on stage, competing in sporting events etc. A systematic approach is taken in developing the skills to become fully prepared, remain calm and stay focused on the goal.

Unwanted Behaviours

Unwanted behaviours or bad habits that are outside of conscious control can be hard to overcome using willpower alone. Hypnotherapy provides a natural route to the receptive mind where issues may be understood and addressed. A variety of techniques may be employed, depending on the aim, to either eliminate or alter a habit.

Mindfulness, Relaxation and Stress

A session of hypnotherapy, regardless of its purpose, is in itself a deeply relaxing experience where the client is left feeling refreshed and re-energised. This shows how easy it is through simple suggestion to relax both mind and body. Self-hypnosis is key to making progress and, once learned as a skill, proves to be an invaluable aid in becoming one’s own therapist.


Counselling sessions provide a safe space to talk about personal thoughts and feelings. The process is structured and progresses at the client’s own pace. The aim is for the client to fully process an event or situation and feel able to move forward in a healthy and positive way.

Consultations and Fees

Consultations may be offered in-person or online via Zoom.

A number of factors including the presenting issue, the client's expectations and the rate of progress will determine how many sessions of hypnotherapy or counselling are required. Much can be achieved in a single session, while in other instances, a specific plan may be adopted for a set number of sessions.

The initial hypnotherapy consultation lasts approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Clients will have the opportunity to a) discuss the problem in detail, b) have any questions answered and c) begin therapy which will include exercises to practise before the next session. Subsequent consultations and all counselling sessions run for one hour.

Hypnotherapy consultations: £85.00
Stop smoking therapy (in person only): £250.00
Counselling sessions: £55.00

All personal data recorded for treatment, accounts and communication purposes is stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.


During a time of great personal difficulty, Valerie was an amazing support for me. Professionally, I'm achieving above and beyond what was thought possible. The sessions I had made all the difference. I would recommend her highly.
G.S. Sports Professional

I went to see Valerie for help with stopping smoking. I also had an ambition to run the London Marathon. I did both and haven't looked back. It changed everything for me.
S.A. Health Professional

After just two sessions of hypnotherapy, I felt equipped with lifelong tools to help manage the stresses and challenges of daily life. Valerie ensured that the sessions specifically dealt with my personal goals and helped me to apply these tools immediately to real-life situations. The effect was almost instantaneous and very positive! I frequently refer to what I've gained from these sessions to help face new challenges.
R.C. IT Professional

For many years, I suffered from a phobia that was becoming increasingly debilitating. I had to do something about it. Valerie was recommended to me for hypnotherapy and after just three sessions I was completely free of my fear. I can't begin to describe the difference this has made to my life.
L.C. Administrator

I contacted Valerie for guidance on building self-confidence, managing anxiety and reducing stress in the workplace. Valerie's style is relaxed, friendly and informal. After only a few sessions, I have noticed a very significant increase in my confidence levels, particularly at work. I have learned how to use self-hypnosis to improve issues concerning insomnia and work-related anxieties. I plan to continue to use these new skills to add further enhancement to my quality of life.
J.P. Finance Director

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